Life Steam

Project partners

LIFE STEAM project is brought forward by a strong multi-disciplinary, inter-sectorial consortium of three highly skilled, competent and valuable Partners from two European Countries:


HERA S.p.A is the LIFE STEAM project Coordinator. Established in 2002 in Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Hera Group is widely recognized among the Italian largest multi-utilities operating in environment, water and energy sectors.
The company takes advantage of almost 9,000 employees to meet the needs of about 4.4 million citizens over 357 municipalities within the country.
Managing 80 treatment plants for the recovery and disposal of municipal and special waste, Hera has been producing renewable electricity from biogas generated by organic waste since 2009; nonetheless, Hera R&D department has been intensively working and collaborating with EU partners to find out the best solution in order to maximize the efficiency of green waste to be converted into advanced biofuels.

AYRION S.r.l. is an Italian company active in the research, consultancy, production and commercialization in the
renewable energy sector. AYRION is shareholder of five biogas plants in Italy where electrical energy is produced from renewable sources such as biomasses and by-products from the agro-food and poultry sector. The company manages directly and through its affiliates the supply of agricultural biomasses and by-products and the operation and optimization of the anaerobic digestion process.

ECONOMIZER GmbH, previously known as Biogas Systems GmbH, is an Austrian company with special expertise in design, engineering and construction of thermo-physical processes for treatment of organic substrates and industrial plant construction. ECONOMIZER since 2010 has developed and patented a special technology for the treatment of lignocellulosic agricultural feedstock like straw for biogas plants, and reference plants for processing of straw and manure are installed and operable in the UK.