Life Steam


LIFE STEAM project will allow the recycling of green waste, contributing to EU waste management policies, aimed at reducing the environmental and health impacts of waste and improving the EU's resource efficiency, bringing huge benefits to the environment and the economy.


The main objectives of LIFE STEAM are:


  1. To validate the business plan at demo-scale;
  2. To demonstrate an increase of efficiency in producing biogas from green waste, compared to not-treated green waste;
  3. To validate the life cycle sustainability of the plant through a complete LCA, compliant with 14040 and 14044 standards;
  4. To validate the bankability of the up-scaled plan once completed the project;
  5. To ensure a sound market replicability after the project's end;
  6. To increase awareness of improved eco-innovative solutions among the general public, policy makers and the whole green biofuel industry, focusing on the environmental and economic advantages as well as on the technical feasibility of LIFE STEAM.